Novel Ideas :P

It’s been a while since I’ve written about my own writing, so I thought I would spend some time documenting the many ideas that have been swirling around in my head for years.

When I first started writing, I had an idea for one novel (The Path of Mages).  That idea turned into a four-book series (The Great Mage Cycle).  While I’m working on completing the books as we speak, I’ve had numerous other books that have born themselves in the womb that is my brain.  Here are a few of them:

The Dreamer – A novel where the protagonist lives with his single mother and an autistic, teenage sister.  He is gay and closeted.  His first homosexual experience occurs spontaneously one day with a peer, who goes back to school and tells everyone about the protagonist.  The protagonist is then the victim of a hate crime, and is beaten so badly that he becomes comatose.  This is, essentially, a book about a kid with a shitty, shitty existence.  And he knows it.

The cool thing about comas is that the brain doesn’t “turn off”.  So our protagonist begins to dream up an ideal existence while in the coma.  The book then slips back and forth from one reality to the other as the protagonist struggles with the fact that, one day, he will wake up and return to the world that he hates.

The Nightmare King – I’ve spoken about this novel with many friends of mine, and the mythology is almost fully developed.  Essentially, the novel acts as an adult horror where children are manipulated by the lead character, whose end goal is to control the waking world through the world of dreams.  A Nightmare on Elm Street this is not.  (I’ve never seen the movie, now that I think about it…)

This will be the novel I write once the Great Mage Cycle is concluded.  I particularly love the names of the characters for this one: The Nightmare King, Forever, She Who Watches People Die, The Shifty-Eyed One.  It’s going to be all of my nightmarish material combined into a single book.  Hurray!

Shade – This is a novel about a character with the ability to control shadows and turn them into whatever he chooses: monsters, objects, people.  It’s purely conceptual at this point.

The Council – I’ve always found it interesting that most fantasy novels don’t make explicit use of “death” magic (or rather the ability to manipulate life and the afterlife).  So this novel is based almost entirely on a dream that I had.  The Council refers to the Council of Necromancers (I don’t particularly like the word though) who, while diplomatic with one another, secretly vie for control of each other’s undead armies.  My only problem is trying to figure out a way from not making this campy a la Evil Dead.

The Mirror (working title) – Inspired by my best friend, and the novel to which I referred in a previous post, this little gem is a closely-kept secret of mine.  It will be a children’s novel complete with illustrations, and it will involve a mirror.  I bet you didn’t see that one coming. :P

Truth is, it might be 2015 by the time all of these books are written, but at least I have plenty of ideas.  There are a few other novels floating around in my head too, but I’ve been writing about my writing for so long that now I have to go and satisfy my urge to write!


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