The Awesomeness of E3!

June is my favourite time of year for video games.  Why?  Because the awesome event that is E3!  Simply put: it’s Christmas for the video game industry.  Thousands of children ripping open gifts from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and others that will provide them with hours of joy.  It may be that a new game is playable on the show floor, or that a trailer for a highly anticipated title is finally revealed.  For me, E3 is excitement, excitement, excitement!  There is nothing better than hearing about all of the awesome games I’m going to get to play, whether they are six months away or require another year of development.

In 2009, I watched a streaming feed of Sony’s press conference live on Gamespot and instantly emailed my friends at the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV.  We all knew it was coming, but the fact that it was now tangible meant that we had real reasons to be excited that went beyond our own speculation.  And a year later, we’re all still excited for FFXIV.  That’s what E3 does to you, and it’s only one example.

This year’s E3 has filled me with disgusting amounts of joy.  Every major video game studio that I adore is releasing at least one game that has me not only excited, but drooling to play!  And while I won’t go into details for each game in this post, you can expect that I will be talking about and analyzing the trailers and gameplay in the near future.

Here’s the myriad of games that has me all smiley:

Final Fantasy XIV – Okay, so we only got a new trailer, but I’m a whore for FF information so I’ll be watching it repeatedly with a keen eye!

Infamous 2 – I just had a mindgasm.  Its predecessor is one of my absolute favourite games of this console generation.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – a reason to bust out the Wii again!  Zelda games may be exactly the same, but they’re fun!

“Silent Hill 8” – If Konami heads this one (rather than those awful North American studios that have ruined recent games), I anticipate that my excited “Ahhhhhhhh!” over the announcement of this game will one day become a terrified “Ahhhhhhhh!” while I play the game at 2 AM in the pitch dark.

Metal Gear Solid Rising – I may not like swords, but when I can cut anything on the screen, this game might as well be cheap therapy.

Mortal Kombat – Still the best and most fun fighting series ever.  And the gore is finally back!  One of the best surprises of the show.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds – I blogged about this previously, but seeing the gameplay in action sends a happy tingle down my spine.  And Dante (Devil May Cry) is in the game!  Who called it?  :)

Lost in Shadow – A fascinatingly stylized Wii game with oodles of atmosphere and puzzles.  I like to think that they designed this game just for me!

Sorcery – I’m not too keen on the PlayStation Move at the moment, but if this game works out the way I dream it will, I will be the first person flailing my arms around like the spellcaster I’ve always wanted to be!

Twisted Metal – I’ve been waiting for a new game in this series since Black in 2001.  I can’t wait to blow up everything all over again!

As if I didn’t have enough games to play already, it looks as though I’m going to be dishing out even more money from my wallet this year on video games.  Not that I’m complaining! :P


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