Overdue Excitement: Career Aspirations

When most people are informed that their job is being “closed”, the resulting feelings are often ones of concern and anxiety. Not me though. After working in the policy world for over 4 years, and knowing that it wasn’t the place that I wanted to be, I was secretly thrilled to be informed of the news. (There’s the whole issue regarding the lack of workplace gratitude or respect, but doing justice to that issue would require a completely separate blog!)

Why thrilled? Well if you’ve been paying attention, gentle reader, you’ll have a sense of just how gung-ho I am to be working in the industry of my dreams: video game design! And thankfully, I’ve just learned of the program that was made for me:

Digital Design: Game Design Program (Post-Graduate), George Brown College (Toronto)

I’ve spent the past year exploring many game design programs throughout North America and the one thing that I’ve noticed is that most of them have a heavy art component. But I know I’m not an artist. I’m a writer. I have great ideas, and my ideas involve words rather than pictures. I could sketch and storyboard, and while I could dream up a character as complex and interesting as God of War III’s Poseidon, my drawing skills would make it appear like little more than a drunken octopus.


You cannot dilute my watery veins with alcohol, lowly mortal!

But the George Brown program, where students learn skills and work with industry professional for careers as Creative Directors, Game Developers and Project Managers? That sounds like something that was made for me! :D

In anticipation of this exciting program, I eagerly went to the Ubisoft website and perused the job board for Toronto. And what did I find? A job posting for a Game Designer! And what education are they looking for? “College certificate / diploma in game level design and production or equivalent.”

Sounds like all the pieces are fitting together in the puzzle of my life! (Intentionally bad pun!)

But honestly, I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about my career. :)


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