AAA in Toronto!

There’s some kick-ass stuff going on in the big city right now if you’re in the game development industry. We’ve known that Ubisoft has been gearing up its Toronto studio, and having now hired over 100 employees, they’re starting work on AAA tiles with two core teams! It’s hard to believe that this kind of work is happening right under our nose (given that Toronto is primarily known for its mass of indie developers), but also energizing to know that a lot of great talent from all over the world is here to work on these projects! Want to know more? Check out this recent interview with General Manager of Ubisoft Toronto, Jade Raymond. The industry has been keeping an eye on her since the announcement that she would head the studio, so expect more big things to come!

Also, I found what is quite possibly one of the most unique and cool jobs this week. If only I had made the time to play the Assassin’s Creed series of games, I could have been a Historian!  Well, not exactly a Historian, but check out this Ubisoft Montreal job posting. How cool is that? :D


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