MMO Madness!

Howdy folks! I know that I haven’t been frequent on the blog posts as of late, but I have good reason for it, I swear!

Some of you may know that Final Fantasy XIV is the first MMORPG that I’ve ever played. That’s right: I dutifully avoided playing World of Warcraft out of fear that it would destroy my meager existence. But the more I play FFXIV, the more curious I become as to what other MMOs out there are doing. A lot of that has to do with the fact that FFXIV is, as I’ve mentioned before, not a complete game and still very much in an extended beta phase in order for it to have any chance to compete with all the other successful games out there that demand money from you on a monthly basis.

So on my quest to see what other games in the genre are doing, and to expose myself to a new genre that I’ve never had the time to enjoy, I’ve been playing a number of free and trial games:

World of Warcraft (14-day free trial)


Runes of Magic

Rift (7-day free trial)

I’ve spent ample time with the first three games and I’m working on Rift this week. Once I’m satisfied that I’ve had enough time with all of them, I’ll be sure to write a post comparing my thoughts and opinions. Stay tuned!


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